• Hi! Thanks for visiting Bookshop Builder. I’m Katie Mackenzie and I want to help authors like you create your own Shopify stores in the quickest and simplest way possible.

  • I have been working as an authors’ assistant since 2020, helping authors to self-publish their books and keep on top of the business of being an author. One of my clients asked me to help him set up a Shopify store, and one steep learning curve later, we got his shop up and running. Word spread that I knew how to do this mysterious Shopify stuff, and I started getting requests to make stores for other people as well.

  • The back end of Shopify can seem pretty dense, with hundreds of different settings and options. From seeing for myself how confusing this can be, I realised that authors need straightforward support to get a bookshop up and running, in the least scary way.

  • I want to make it super affordable, with the flexibility to suit your needs. What you need is to get a store up and running, look professional, and most importantly sell your books.

  • My own book

    I'm a non-fiction author, and of course I've put my book on this site, even though it's got nothing to do with my business as a Bookshop Builder! You can find the info on it here:

    Easy Fitness for Quitters 

About me

  • I live with my family in the East of England, in the county of Suffolk, which is known for Ed Sheeran, Cardinal Wolsey, Benjamin Britten, Sutton Hoo, and its beautiful countryside and coastline.